Paid parking near the Vatican Museums

Would you like to visit the Vatican Museums with your whole family, but are you worried about not finding a parking space for your car? If that’s the problem, then you don’t have to worry! In fact, the “Parking Risorgimento” garage is the best paid parking near the Vatican Museums that you can find in Rome. Park in total safety, thanks to the always active video surveillance and a staff that is always present and vigilant. But it doesn’t end there, because, in addition to guaranteeing total safety for your car, we offer competitive rates, among the best you can find in the Vatican area.

The Vatican Museums are the museum complex of the Vatican City, occupy a large part of the vast courtyard of the Belvedere and are one of the largest art collections in the world. In fact, they expose the huge collection of works of art accumulated over the centuries by the popes: the Sistine Chapel and the papal apartments frescoed by Michelangelo and Raphael, are part of the works that visitors can admire on their way. Although the Vatican Museums are located within the Vatican territory, their entrance is located in Italian territory and more precisely in Viale Vaticano, 6just a 5-minute walk from the headquarters of our Parking Risorgimento garage.


The museum has an average annual turnout of around six and a half million visitors from all over the world, so it is normal to be afraid of not being able to find a safe parking space for your car. However, if you can not help but visit the Vatican Museums and are looking for a parking space for your car, you can rely on Parking Risorgimento which, with its more than 600 m² of available space and 24 hour active video surveillance, is the ideal place to leave your car in total safety. With us you will benefit from advantageous rates and friendly staff, always ready and available.

Parking Risorgimento

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