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Are you planning a visit to the historic center of Rome, but are you afraid of not finding a garage to entrust your car to? If this is your problem, then fear not, because you have come to the right place at the right time! In fact, the “Parking Risorgimento” garage is a valid solution to your problem!

Recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the historic center of Rome includes numerous points of tourist interest as well as unforgettable places, such as the Pantheon, Imperial Forums and Piazza di Spagna. As you get closer to the historic center of Rome, the difficulty will no longer be that of finding a parking space or garage to entrust your car to, but where you can transit, given the presence of many limited traffic areas that, through a system of electronic gates monitor and control incoming traffic. However, these are active only on certain days and times, so it is advisable to inquire here, before entering the LTZ of Rome.

If you have to go to the center and do not have the necessary permits to access the LTZ gates, a solution could be to leave your car near these areas and continue towards the center on foot or by public transport. Rome has in fact numerous car parks that are close to the subway, thanks to which it is possible to reach the center. Parking Risorgimento is one of them!

Rome Center Garage Parking Risorgimento

Parking Risorgimento – Rome Center Garage

Many cars circulate in Rome every day of the year, so it is normal to worry about the parking space for your car when you plan to visit the historic center of the capital. However, if you are looking for a garage in central Rome, you can rely on Parking Risorgimento which, with its over 600 m² of available space and 24-hour video surveillance, is the ideal place to leave your car in total safety. By choosing us as a garage for your car, you will benefit from advantageous rates and friendly staff, always ready and available.

Parking Risorgimento

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