Parking info and types of vehicles allowed

Parking Risorgimento offers an impeccable service as regards the parking of cars or motorbikes in Rome, putting the safety and serenity of customers first. Our car park is open every day from 07:00 to 20:30, with spaces dedicated to every type of car and equipped with a video surveillance system that is also active at night. You can entrust your vehicle to our friendly and experienced staff during our working hours.

Parking Risorgimento accepts all types of scooters and motorcycles. You can also park motorcycles with 3 or 4 wheels and equivalent vehicles such as electric or motor microcars such as: Biro ‘or Chatenet, Tweezy, Aixam, Ligier and similar. Although generally there are no space problems for motor vehicles, during the summer we recommend booking, as the number of parking requests increases significantly and the available places may be exhausted.

Parking Risorgimento accepts all types of cars, whether automatic, electric, manual, including also LPG or CNG cars and cars with special controls for disabled people. However, given the proximity to several professional studios and the entrance to the Vatican Museums, it is possible that the parking is sometimes full, therefore we recommend booking at least one or two days in advance, to guarantee the availability of the parking space. It is mandatory to leave the keys inside the car.

The parking accepts Van and Minivan with a maximum height of mt. 2.30. In addition, advance booking is recommended, because, due to their size and the large influx of customers, it may be difficult to find a free parking space. Also for this type of vehicle, it is mandatory to leave the keys inside the vehicle.

Parking place for events

Are you organizing a private event or a party near Piazza del Risorgimento and want to guarantee your guests the security of an indoor parking space? Parking Risorgimento is here to help you. We offer parking spaces at discounted rates for private events and parties.

You can reserve their parking space for friends and guests for the duration of the event, or guarantee them parking at a discounted price. You just have to tell us the number of parking spaces you need and the hours you want them reserved and we will send you a free quote on your specific needs.

Free Quote

Quick wash!

We carry out quick hand washing at our partner in the area. We do not provide the washing service to passing vehicles, but only to vehicles that stay in the parking lot for at least 3/4 hours, to allow us to have the time necessary to provide the service. Hand washing is not included in the parking fee, but is charged separately.